In/Out G65

Protection in environments that experience

rapid changes in lighting and temperature

The G65 lens is the ideal solution for users who quickly transit from indoor to outdoor work. This lens, developed by the Univet research center, combines a tint that can filter ambient light with the Vanguard Plus ultra-performing anti-fog technology.

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protects against glare 
and provides high visibility


ensures workers to maintain 
a correct attention level


eliminates the risk of lens fogging, 
when rapidly passing from outside to indoors


maintains excellent visibility 
in all lighting conditions

Anti Fog

In/Out Lens

Models with the G65 lens protect against glare and provide high visibility without altering the colours, ensuring workers to maintain a correct attention level. Besides providing high visibility, the G65 lens eliminates the risk of lens fogging, which can cause decrease visibility and therefore be a potential hazard, typical in situations where there are significant temperature changes which can occur when rapidly passing from outside to indoors.

Particularly suitable for: work with forklifts, work that involves rapidly passing between dark and bright environments.


What does G-65 mean?

"G-65" means that the lens is green/gray; that explains the choice of the letter "G".
Number "65" is referred to the quantity of light that is transmitted through the lens (also called VLT); so 65% of light in the environment where you are now, passes through the lenses, while the remaining 35% is blocked.

High visibility
in all light conditions

During the daytime from a bright to darker environment and vice versa causes the pupils to suddenly close or open, abruptly reducing visual acuity. This is a physiological phenomenon with reaction times that vary from person to person, putting the worker at risk with a temporary loss of visibility. The use of G65 lenses in safety glasses puts less stress on the pupil and eliminates this risk by maintaining excellent visibility in all lighting conditions.

The G65 lens uses the Vanguard PLUS ultra-performance technology, and is K and N certified. The Vanguard PLUS provides an anti-fogging performance 5 times greater than the standards and eliminates the risk of lens fogging typical in situations where there are significant and sudden changes in temperature.

Did you know that

The pupil changes size without us being aware of it. The pupil's response is an involuntary reflection: when exposed to intense light, it constricts to protect the retina's photosensitive cells from being damaged, while under weak lighting conditions it dilates to capture as much light as possible.


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