How to clean and protect

spectacles and goggles


Dirty lenses can cause eyestrain due to forced focusing. Lens cleaning is a fundamental operation for vision and glasses maintenance that should be carried out daily. If done in a wrong way, approximately or with improvised tools it can cause scratches and damages to the lenses and to the treatments. Follow the indications herebelow for a correct maintenance.

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It is necessary to put the glasses or the mask under cold water* before each cleaning activity, in order to remove dust. Next dry the lens with a soft microfiber cloth.


Clean the lens with Univet cleaning spray or Univet wet towels** (or repeat washing under cold water*).


Use a soft and clean microfiber cloth to dry the lens.


Always store the glasses and the mask in their protecție case.


Never use warm water the glasses as it could damages the treatments on the lens (anti-fog and anti-reflection treatment, ...).


Do not clean with solvents, detergents and alcohol based cleaning products.**


Never use clothes, fingers and handkerchiefs to clean the lenses.


Never put the glasses or the goggles face down.

*   In case the substance present on the lens is known to react with water, we recommend to remove it according to the precautions stated by the producer into his safety data sheet, avoiding contact with water.
** The Univet cleaning spray (3QL002- and 3QL004-) and the Univet wet towels (3QL003-) contain a type of alcohol tested and suitable for use on our products.

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