Fashion Safety Glasses

Contemporary combines elegance and style in protection, changing the concept of safety glasses and reflecting Univet’s mission to create glamorous and comfortable protection glasses so that always more people start caring for their eyes.

Frame technologies

Side Shield

Integrated transparent shield

Glossy Varnished

The frame is painted with a shaded effect in Honey, Stone, Amethyst and Diamond colours

Zero metallic components

Contemporary is made of Polyamide and is therefor devoid of metallic components


Filters the harmful 
blue radiation

The Safety lens with Blue Block filter is designed to preserve the eyes well-being from harmful blue radiation emitted by notebooks, LED monitors, tablets and smartphones and by artificial LED lighting.


UV Filter

Blue light rays have a very high frequency, much greater than the solar UV rays. The blue light damages the back of the eye as much as the UV rays damage the front; for this reason it’s imperative to shield the eyes from this kind of rays.

420 nm Blue Block Filter

The lenses with Blue Block treatment can screen the eyes from blue and UV rays, improving contrast and visual comfort, as well as reducing glare and reflections on the lens. This treatment is also available on prescription glasses.


An iconic style that reveals not only class and elegance but also a bond with a legendary past and a prestigious manufacture. The balance between colour, shape and light represents the essence of Contemporary philosophy.

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Fashion Safety Glasses


  • Light and extremely tough
  • Integrated side shields
  • Polyamide frame with zero metallic components
  • Glossy varnish with shaded effect
  • Available with Safety Blue Block and Clear KN lenses, with anti-fog and anti-scratch ultra performing Vanguard PLUS treatment

Lens technology