506 UP

High Comfort

506 UP presents technical and aesthetic improvements. The panoramic and wrapping lens is available with Vanguard Plus coating for superior performance in all conditions. The temples with rubber tips and adjustable in length and inclination, the total adaptability of the nosepad and the new range of vibrant colors allow a high degree of customisation of the device.

Protection in environments that experience
rapid changes in lighting and temperature

The G65 lens is the ideal solution for users who quickly transit from indoor to outdoor work. This lens, developed by the Univet research center, combines a tint that can filter ambient light with the Vanguard Plus ultra-performing anti-fog technology.

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506 UP

High Comfort


  • Lens available with Vanguard PLUS coating
  • Temples adjustable in length and inclination
  • Optimal comfort and fit thanks to the soft adjustable nose pad
  • Panoramic and wraparound lens for a better side protection
  • Soft terminal tips to eliminate local pressure

Frame technology

Lens technology