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Ultra Light

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Fashion safety glasses

Contemporary combines elegance and style in protection, changing the concept of safety glasses.

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Found products





Sporty design, style and quality characterise the lines of the Univet spectacles, which guarantee optimum comfort without putting pressure on the face.

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The Univet goggles provide the wearer with a greater sense of security and allow the protection of the eye area increased thanks to a perfect fit to the face, a wide coverage area and a superior impact resistance.

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Univet Test Lab

In our laboratory we develop and test new materials, innovative technologies and lens treatments, that represent the essence of Univet products, a synonim of design, performance and maximum protection.


Univet’s Test Center is an highly innovative laboratory with specialized technicians and sophisticated machinery. Inside the lab we run all the the endurance tests required by the international standards. This highly-demanding stress and optical quality tests, allow Univet’s glasses to be far above the standards requirements.


Our product are tested for thermal stress to guarantee a constant protection level even when external temperatures reach extreme levels.

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It tests impact resistance at speeds that go from 162km/h (101,25 mph) to 684km/h (427,5 mph).

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It ensures that the lenses won't create any kind of optical distortion and optical correction.

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It ensures that the materials used won't ignite even under an extreme heat source.

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It tests the width of the field of view and the side shield effectiveness.

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It tests the anti-fog property of the lens, to ensure a neat and obstacle-clear vision, to improve user's safety.

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It tests the temperature needed to reach irradiation, to guarantee that the user won't be exposed to an excessive heat even in extreme conditions, as in a blast furnace or a foundry.


It tests the lens resistance to abrasion to solid particles or in extreme conditions use.

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Lens Technology

A wide range of lenses with specific filters to provide functional solutions in any field of use. Discover all the technical features and choose the lens that best suits your needs.

Ultra Performing Treatment



In damp or steamy environments and during intense work activities, the lenses of protection glasses could fog up causing a condition of poor visibility and potential danger.

Univet’s R&D Department has created two ultra performing lens treatments called Vanguard. Thanks to this technology the lenses won’t tarnish, allowing their use even in extreme conditions and guaranteeing maximum protection.


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Filters the harmful blue radiation 

Blue Block


The Safety lens with Blue Block filter is designed to preserve the eyes well-being from blue radiation emitted by notebooks, LED monitors, tablets and smartphones and by artificial LED lighting.

Blue light rays have a very high frequency, much greater than the solar UV rays. The blue light damages the back of the eye as much as the UV rays damage the front; for this reason it’s imperative to shield the eyes from this kind of rays. 


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Active Protection 

Clear RFL-X 


Without the use of suitable filters the PPE are not able to guarantee a complete level of protection, exposing the worker to risks.

The anti-reflection Clear RFL-X treatment is an active protection as it prevents the risk of injury by eliminating glare and increasing visual quality. This kind of filter is imperative in environments such as: night road works, logistic warehouses or glass processing.


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Soft Pad

Comfortable Technology

SoftPad technology, thanks to the multiple adjustable functions of the arm and nose pad and the innovative materials that we implemented, enables the user to refine the glasses ergonomics so to give an unparalleled comfort.

Outstanding adherence

Maximum stability


The patented SoftPad system is designed to provide complete adaptability to the user's face. The system presents a rubber-coated terminal with tilting movement that allows it to lean on the temples with perfect adherence and grip. An adjustable nose pad is used to adapt the lens height, to allow vision through the central section where maximum optical quality is ensured.


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Prolonged comfort and fitting 



The temples, adjustable in length and in inclination, allow to achieve the highest level of protection by combining the glasses’ performance to their perfect fit. Visual comfort is therefore guaranteed for long periods, avoiding eye fatigue.

Universal Fitting

Comfortable and shapely

The Universal Fit glasses are designed to adapt the frame to the various facial conformations The nose pad movement, the temples adjustment in lenght and inclination and the lens ergonomy ensure the correct fit granting optical quality, stability and comfort.


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