611 Polycarbonate - Clear AF 121 Direct

Code: 611.S0.00.01

Lens technology

Lens color


Frame technology

Interchangeable Lens.

Lens technology

Anti-Scratch (K) and Anti-Fog 121.

Lens material


Frame color

Light blue.


EN166 and EN170.

Scale number


Mechanical resistance

Medium energy impact (B).

Optical class

Optical class (1).

Optional requirements

Resistance to surface damage by fine particles (K), Resistance to fogging of oculars (N) and Protection against high speed particles at extreme temperatures -5°/+55° C (T).

Product code (EU)


Frame mark (EU)

U EN166 BT 2C-1.2 CE

Lens mark (EU)

2C-1.2 U 1 BT K N CE

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